I don’t know about you, but having a stack of paper makes me anxious. It makes me think that I have not processed something, or there is something to be done. It never gives me a sense of peace. Eliminating paper from our office was the single greatest thing we have ever done. It is the equivalent of inbox zero for your physical office, or home. The theory is, the less noise (paper, emails, facebook notifications, icons on your desktop) the less stressful your life is. In the 21st century, everything is real-time, updates, email, text, bills, so dealing with them in real-time, whenever possible, deflects issues rather than piling them on your shoulders. Eliminating paper is just one of the strategies to reach zen.

Don’t be this guy; make your office tranquil. The real question, is how to get yourself a lovely cup of this freedom.

Benefits of Going Paperless

There are numerous benefits to going paperless. The fact of the matter is, it will give you significant peace of mind. Having a clean desk means having a clean mind. Listed below are just a few of the greatest advantages to going paperless.


  1. Saves Time: The amount of time you spend filing, looking for a disposing of paper is pretty significant. Rather than spending time going through the paper hussle, you could be spending time with your customers. It’s estimated that you can save between 1-6 hours a week working with paper, depending on the size of your business.
  2. Reduces Clutter: Having a workplace free of clutter alo increases efficiency and limits distractions. The less there is to catch your attention, the less you chase that plastic bag in the wind.

  1. Declutters your mind: This goes without saying. There is a common adage “Mess equals stress.” Having a pile of paperwork on your desk is not only unpleasant to look at, but often makes you feel like you have more to do than you actually do
  2. Everything is easier to find: Find everything on the fly. Pull up documents on your phone, or laptop. Get invoices and bills. You can respond to clients and vendors much faster if you just have to locate the file in the cloud, rather than in a filing cabinet.Image result for the cloud funny
  3. Disaster Proof: Everyone jokes about the cloud, wondering which cloud stores your information and suc, but there is one significant reason why we use the cloud (other than convenience): It’s disaster proof. No fire, hurricane, flood or lightening strike can take down the cloud; paper is less so, much much less so.
  4. More Secure: Recently you see a lot of talk about the cloud not being secure, but most of the security flaws in the cloud is attributed to user ignorance, say using the password “123456” (I mean come on people!) but if you do your due dilligence than you would be far more secure than a filing cabinet. Your information is under heavy encription that is unbreakable in all but the most unlikely circumstances. In addition, just keeping statements on your desk is just leaving yourself open in prying eyes.
  5. Collaborative: Share documents with customers, clients, vendors and co-workers. By keeping your infomation in the cloud you can share and collaboratively work on project together from home or different locations. Apps enviornments such as G Suite by Google Cloud will allow you to work collaboratively at the same time.
  6. Less Expensive: Rather than buying paper, envelopes, and other office supplies every month, you can simply buy a scanner once, and then pay for a subcription to one of the many Cloud Firms in exsistance, and save a bundle of cash.
  7. Enviornmentally Friendly: Remember the tree’s man….

Opt-In to Paperless

Most companies now offer paperless billing and statements. By taking an afternoon to opt-into these services, you can reduce you clutter by 60-90% alone.

Scan Paper As You Get It

Scanning only takes a few seconds, rather than letting it pile up and spending an hour doing it, scan and discard the paper as soon as you get it.


Name Files Appropriately

Using a “naming convension” to accurately name the file makes it much easier to find on your cloud services. Rather than useing a bunch of folders, its easier to search using a naming convension

So I’m Interested, but what are my options?

Well, there are a lot of options out there, but this industry standard is Fujitsu, they have they best optics on the market, and the software is by far the easiest to use. They offer three great options, that each have their own strengths to help you in achieving that paper free lifestyle you’ve been looking for!

ScanSnap iX500

This is the biggest and best unit on the market. It offers the fastest scan speeds (25 pages per minute) and the highest quality. This unit is also wireless and can be controlled from your phone, or a wireless network. If you frequently deal with contracts, or large documents, this is great for going paperless. If you have over 20 Invoices a week, this is the unit we normally recommend.

Great For: Large Digitization Projects, Frequent Invoices, Networks

ScanSnap s1300i

This is a much smaller version of the iX500, but it does a great job regardless. This unit is great for general use, and can perform all of the tasks as the iX500, but it does not have wireless capabilities. If you have a small office this is a great unit, because it doesn’t take up much desk-space.

Great For: Small Spaces, General Use, Simple Setups

ScanSnap iX100

The iX100 is the newest scanner Fujitsu offers. It is highly portable, wireless, and battery powered. You can scan on the go without plugging it in or a PC, If you are on the move a lot and need to get information on the go this is a great option. Simply pull the unit out of the bag, power it up, scan the document with your phone, and you’re all-set. No need to take your customers documents with you. It can also scan two separate documents at a time.

Great for: Frequent Travel, Freelance Work, Working from Home

Okay, I'm Interested

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Chris graduated from Bryant University with a degree in Economics and Management. He has spent most of his career in Hospitality, Real Estate, Banking and Retail. No one really knows what Chris does at CBS, but if you ask him he’ll say that he helps manage workflows, helps clients find the right technology stack for their business and develops digital marketing and promotion. Whatever that means. Tweet @CMacksey

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