I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but Bill.com and Hubdoc now have native integration. This is big news in the accounting world, because this eliminates another major piece of data entry from a bookkeepers life.

What is Hubdoc?

Connie-Hubdoc-e1424382316525Hubdoc is a nifty app that allows us to scan bills and statements and it will read that information and learn where it needs to go. This is fantastic, since back in the day, someone had to do this. A clerk used to sit there and input invoices all day long…. fun huh? Now, our Accounts Payable supervises the whole process. Clients can scan and email these documents directly to Hubdoc, and we process the transactions. This saves everyone time and money.

What about Bill.com?

bdc_logo_topnav_266x76Well, Bill.com is a service that pays your bills and receives your invoices for you. You enter a bill into Bill.com and tell it when to pay the bill, and they will either mail a check or do a direct deposit to the company, eliminating the entire process of manually cutting checks… Someone had to do that all day too. Seeing a pattern here? As previously stated it also automates Accounts Receivables by allowing clients to pay their bills with their debit card, credit card or ACH. It also sent little reminders after a certain point so that clients didn’t forget.

So Why does this matter?

With the help of a high quality speedy scanner (see below), you can scan your invoice, send it directly to Hubdoc, and Hubdoc sends the information to Bill.com, Bill.com asks you to approve the payment, and when you want to pay it, and then enters the information into QuickBooks Online. With three clicks of a mouse, you can complete a task that used to take hours. Amazing, right?

367488-fujitsu-scansnap-ix500Fujitsu Scan Snaps

Fujitsu has come out with a new line of scanners that are just amazing. It’s image quality, speed and software are second to none. It integrates with your email client, google drive and many other software applications. Simply take the bill and put it in the scanner, hit the blue button and it will shoot your bill to Hubdoc.

Interested? We can set you up

Flat-rate customers have access to this system. We can work with you to come up with the price and then we can implement this system for you.

Not flat-rate? Call us and we would be glad to switch you over!

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