We believe that technology is changing the bookkeeping and consulting industry at a rapid pace. We are a company that embraces change, and hope to utilize technology to increase efficiency, decrease costs you the customer, and increase communications and reporting. We’re working in a very exciting time for accounting and consulting professionals!

We value integrity; business can be done fairly and honestly. We’ve seen the effects theft, shrinkage and mismanagement can have on a small business, and we have proven ways to minimize those fundamental problems.

Too many small business owners try to do it all themselves and end up losing focus on what they are good at and enjoy doing. We love what we do every day and want to help our clients feel the same way.

Managing people is one of the most difficult challenges we face as business owners. We believe that consistently prioritizing relationships with employees, vendors and customers creates a culture of respect that positively affects all other aspects of business.

We believe that our clients have a better chance at success when we all work together toward common goals rather than competing for the same nickels. Growing businesses in the Berkshires is in everyone’s best interest and working cooperatively is the smartest approach.

Fostering relationships between our clients builds a strong, active business community that thrives on the economic challenges we face in the Berkshires. As consumers, consciously supporting the local economy is one of the most valuable actions we take every day.


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