Custom Business Solutions, was founded in 2002 by Carolyn Jones and Lucy Pavalock. The firm offers bookkeeping, accounting, and business management services locally, regionally, and nationwide. Carolyn & Lucy saw a need for small businesses in the area to have more than just bookkeeping help. They realized that small business owners are often overwhelmed by the tasks of running their daily operations and need various types of help to succeed. They wanted to be different from the average data-entry based bookkeeping service. With their broad knowledge of different types of businesses, from the hospitality sector to retail, to manufacturing, they were able to see what the business owners needed and help them find solutions. Thus was born, Custom Business Solutions.

Starting out small from a room in Carolyn’s home with family members and friends as clients, they doubled the size of their business each year for the first 5 years. The company has grown from a handful of clients to the current number of nearly a hundred. That growth led to the hiring of a committed and highly qualified team of accounting professionals and the purchase of their office building at 148 Main Street in Williamstown, allowing them to form roots in the business community. CBSolutions has evolved over the years as clients’ needs and economic conditions require. They have gone from providing basic accounting services to more in depth analysis and strategic planning for businesses. Each business is different. The goal has always been to understand each business owner’s needs, form a partnership, and help that business owner find the path to success. The entire team at CBSolutions wants to be the “piece your business is missing.”

CBSolutions has a staff of highly experienced professionals who are eager to help small businesses grow and prosper. Our approach is unique: we take a broad look at your organization and design a plan specifically for you. We get to know your vision for the future and discover ways to help you get there. We love what we do everyday. Our goal is to make sure our clients feel the same way.


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